Counselling and coaching

Technopark Zurich facilitates knowledge and technology transfer and supports the establishment of new technologically oriented companies through its extensive range of counselling, project and training services. The following aspects are key to these services:

Coaching/Initial counselling

Discussion and the company business plan are the basis on which to determine the challenges faced by the start-up enterprise and define the most appropriate services. After the move into the Technopark, measures are implemented on a step-by-step basis and evaluated continuously.

Attentive selection and comprehensive coaching are the basis of the high success rate of companies at Technopark Zurich – it has been measured at more than 90%.

Advisory committee

This committee, consisting of experts from all walks of business life, guarantees the quality of the companies that lease space at the Technopark. In open, critical discussion, it assesses the opportunities and risks associated with selected new leaseholders and start-up companies. The advisory committee ensures the quality of the companies leasing premises at Technopark and consists of qualified experts from all walks of business life. In open, critical discussion, it assesses the opportunities and risks associated with selected new leaseholders and start-up companies.

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The various event formats are geared predominantly towards networking. Entrepreneurs at Technopark Zurich can benefit from the inspiring atmosphere by sharing knowledge, presenting their company or engaging in a Q&A session on the development of their start-up.

Current events:

  • Brown Bag Lunches
    The brown bag lunch initiative by Technopark Zurich is a way for leaseholders to get together informally and exchange information and experiences over lunch. After a short presentation of a specific topic or company by one of the leaseholders, the others present can ask questions, draw parallels with their own projects or simply have a chat.sponsored by BytePocket
  • Seitenblicke
    Take a look around you:
    What challenges have other company founders faced? How did they overcome these obstacles?
    What can you learn from them?
    CRITICAL LOOK is a follow-up event for participants in the CTI Entrepreneurship programme
  • Stiftungszmorge
    Are you a new face? Or have you been on-site for a while now? Whatever the case, come to our informal breakfast to learn all about Technopark’s services, get to know your neighbours, introduce your company and network with other leaseholders.

Technopark network

Start-up companies benefit from a tailored approach to networking at Technopark Zurich. Its network opens doors to potential customers and partners, and actively supports enterprises in their attempts to source capital.

Entrepreneur fund

Technopark Zurich can help companies on its premises overcome temporary liquidity bottlenecks by making transitional funding available from the Entrepreneur Fund.

Team building

The team is the driving factor behind the success of a company. Together with its partners, Technopark Zurich has formulated a comprehensive professional team-building project, where the strategy and aims of the company are discussed in relation to the team and proposals drawn up for the most effective team structure.