Technopark Academy

The Technopark Academy is a service provided by Technopark Zurich and supported financially by CTI Start-up. It provides an innovative training programme for start-ups and emerging companies. With an eye on sustainability,  the aim is to develop and refine the skills of decision makersand company founders. Technopark Academy acts jointly with the Swiss government and various trade associations to increase the competitiveness of the Swiss economy and to create enduring jobs.

Participants hone their business skills using compact learning formats, enabling them to focus on the development of their start-up enterprise. Courses and workshops are geared towards the practical implementation of skills covering a company’s entire life cycle.

Participants learn from ‘pracademics’, accredited experts with an academic background and broad practical experience. Our training programmes also benefit from the extensive experience accumulated by Technopark Zurich and its collaborative partners.

Sease the opportunity  and increase your company’s prospects of success.